Volunteer Stories

Volunteer Stories

Alex Duffy

Volunteering with the Irish Girls Guides

Alex Duffy is a volunteer with the Ballybay Ladybirds.  In Alex’s own words she is really enjoying her time spent volunteering and getting so much from it on both a personal and professional level.

‘I had an interested in youth work and I wanted experience of volunteering with younger children, I started with the Ladybirds, I have enjoyed it so much, I would say to anyone thinking about volunteering to just go for it, it has opened lots of doors for me and provided me with opportunities I wouldn’t have had.’

Siobhan Lambe Photo Cropped

New Meals on Wheels Volunteers During Covid-19

Siobhan Lambe has been volunteering with the Monaghan Integrated Development Meal on Wheels service during the Covid-19 crisis. She delivers hot meals to older people in the Carrickmacross area three days each week. Here’s her story in her own words.”For the past few years I signed up to volunteer with Monaghan Volunteer Centre and I received emails regularly about needs for volunteers for different areas in my locality. But I felt I could never fit anything in with my work and everyday life. When the covid epidemic hit I was laid off like many, so I took this opportunity to help others when I had the chance. It was a blessing for me as it helped me maintain some structure to my life, which I thrive on and I felt it was a rewarding thing for me personally.

I deliver meals to this who are cocooning. This has been such an uplifting experience for me and helped me with my own mental health and the best part is I am helping others at the same time!! It makes me want to get a career in this area… I just thoroughly love this.”

Clones High Cross on the Diamond in Clones

Monaghan volunteer helps Mayo organisation

“The rise in online volunteering has made it possible for volunteers to take on roles with organisations all over Ireland. One example we really liked was how Monaghan woman Dianne shared her knowledge of local history with a group in Mayo.

The Irish Wheelchair Association in Mayo posted a volunteer role on our national volunteering database, I-Vol. It was for volunteers to join an online meeting of their group as a guest speaker or tutor. They were open to all kinds of ideas, such as storytelling, crafts, gardening – anything that might interest the group. Dianne saw this role online and got in touch with Monaghan Volunteer Centre. We put her in contact with the IWA group in Mayo. Dianne joined a meeting as a guest speaker and shared her knowledge of the history of Clones. She showed some Clones lace pieces and explained the story of how Clones lace began as a famine relief project in 1847. She went on to give the group a virtual guided tour of Clones and tell them about its history.

For more information on Clones Lace and Clones history see CLONES


Sophie, a student from Emyvale, Co. Monaghan

“As a college student, I needed to fulfill volunteer hours for my course. I was unsure of what volunteer opportunities there were available to me in my area so I decided to visit the I-Vol website.

The site was very easy to navigate and showed me a lot of amazing volunteering opportunities that really interested me. I was able to get in contact with some of the people in Monaghan Volunteer Centre and they were all very kind and helpful. I had a great time volunteering at different organisations over the summer and would definitely recommend that others take the time to check out any volunteer opportunities around them.

I would not have known about any of them without the help of the Volunteer Centre and their website. I was able to meet some wonderful people and learn a lot throughout my time volunteering and I’ve made some great memories. I will definitely continue using the service to find new opportunities in the future.” 


Aoibha, volunteer at Teach na nDaoine Summer Camp

“Volunteering for me has been a truly enjoyable experience that has allowed me
to gain insight into the environment of working with children.

The nature of volunteering creates such a positive impact within communities but is also very personally rewarding. It has given me the opportunity to broaden my views and evolve my skills for my chosen career path in a very friendly and encouraging

I would highly recommend volunteering to anyone wanting to make a difference in the lives of others or gain academic experience in this line of work.”


Volunteer with a Local Primary School

Carmel McArdle

I spent 37 years running a business in Monaghan Town with my husband. I always had an interest in helping children to read, and had previously volunteered on a reading project at my children’s secondary school. I also did some volunteering on an adult literacy project, but always preferred volunteering with children. When I retired I took a holiday, then started to think about what to do next. I knew about Monaghan Volunteer Centre through my son, who used it to start volunteering with Special Olympics a few years ago.

I dropped in to the Volunteer Centre one day in November 2017 and met Sinéad. She took my details and registered me with the Centre. Then we had a chat about my interests and experience and what type of volunteering would suit me best. I really wanted to volunteer in a primary school. No school had asked the Volunteer Centre to find a volunteer, but Sinéad suggested that she could contact some local schools and see if they would be interested. It took until after Christmas, but Sinéad found a school that was interested in getting me involved and I went to meet the principal and junior infants’ teacher at the end of January and got on really well. They were really keen to get me involved.

Before I could start volunteering with the children my Garda vetting had to be completed. I started volunteering after the Easter holidays. I volunteer two days per week, helping the junior infants’ teacher with her class of 27 children. Having a second adult available means that the class can get out and about more easily. For example, we have taken them on nature walks around Peter’s Lake. I help out with whatever the teachers ask me to do, I will be going on the school tour and helping at parents’ evening.

The staff are really appreciative and friendly and I enjoy working with them. I love volunteering in the school, it brightens up the whole week. I’m tired after it but it is really enjoyable and I plan to continue for as long as I am able. To anyone who is thinking about volunteering but isn’t sure – go for it! I was apprehensive at the start but once I went to the Volunteer Centre and met Sinéad it was fine. The process took a bit longer than I expected but Sinéad made the process easy for me and always kept me updated on what was happening. I find volunteering so rewarding and enjoyable.

Solas logo in garden of Solas Centre

Fergal McMahon

Fergal McMahon from Silverstream, Monaghan volunteers regularly at the Solas Drop in Centre and with Sosad Monaghan. He is also a dedicated fundraiser and regularly organises and takes parts in collections for a range of charities including Barnardos, Aware, the Simon Community and more. 

Diane McPhelim

Dianne McPhelim

“As a busy working Mum I didn’t think I could dedicate enough time to volunteering on a regular basis. But volunteering comes in all forms, and I discovered I could help without leaving the house. Initially I registered to assist in a 1916 letters project through Trinity College online, now I knit for two charities; Team Hope, which organises Christmas boxes to be sent abroad and a premature baby unit. The staff in Monaghan Volunteer Bureau are supportive and helpful, and have a volunteer opportunity for everyone, no matter what age or ability, no matter how little time you have to spare.”