National Volunteer Leadership Training Programme

Whether you involve 1 or 1000 volunteers, your organisation needs to ensure it leads volunteers effectively - and by that, we mean everything from how an individual volunteer fits in and works along side paid staff (if you have them) to creating and maintaining extended volunteer programmes. Central to any successful volunteering programme, big or small, is effective volunteer management. 

Below you can find details of the four module National Volunteer Management Training Course offered by Monaghan Volunteer Centre. 

This four module (which can also be run as 4 modules over 2 full days or 4 modules over 4 evenings / mornings) is delivered in a hands-on, participative style and is designed to provide you with a best practice volunteer management framework for involving volunteers in your organisation. 

Module 1: Planning for Volunteer Involvement

•Preparing for volunteer involvement

•Volunteer motivations

•Identifying and developing volunteer role descriptions

Module 2: Volunteer Recruitment and Selection

•Effective advertising

•Screening techniques


•Interviews and volunteer selection

Module 3: Day-to-Day Management of Volunteers

•Induction and volunteer agreements

•Support and supervision


•Resolving difficult situations

•Exit interviews

Module 4: Designing a Policy for Volunteer Involvement

•Defining policy

•Designing a volunteer policy document

It is expected that participants will attend all four modules as they are designed as part of a continuum

If you are interested in attending please contact us for our next course dates. You can also access Volunteer Leadership Training through Volunteer Ireland or other Volunteer Centre if our dates do not suit you. Find out more at Volunteer Ireland Training Calendar

 Photo with certs

2017 Volunteer Leadership Training participants with their certificates