Experiences of Organisations That Have Used Our Services

Cairde Activation Centre

Cairde Activation Centre, Clones, Co. Monaghan provides a Day Care Service for adults with intellectual disabilities. Cairde currently has fifteen service users. With the change to Garda Vetting in 2016, Cairde was no longer able to use the service it had previously used to Garda Vet our staff and volunteers. One phone call to Monaghan Volunteer Bureau allayed any fears our organisation had, as staff assured us of their help and gave clear instructions of the process for online vetting. Consequently we had our staff Garda Vetted without delay which is invaluable to a service like Cairde. The Volunteer Bureau has also advertised for us when Caide was seeking volunteer painters to paint our centre. Again this is an invaluable service and we would like to acknowledge the great support the Bureau provides to the community and voluntary sector.
Josephine Treanor, Manager of Cairde.

Easter Chicks knitted by Lorraine LambeJoanne Ryans Easter chick








Some of the Easter chicks knitted for a Cairde fundraiser by volunteers Joanne Ryan and Lorraine Lambe.


Monaghan Town Failte Isteach

I first volunteered with the Citizen’s Information Centre about thirty years ago when there were no paid employees, just a small group of volunteers. There was no Community Employment scheme either but we realised the importance of the service as did the general public. There was no volunteer centre then either and it was very difficult to recruit volunteers.

What I learned from that experience was that where there is a gap in a service, you can be sure that volunteers will emerge to provide the service. Failte Isteach is a great example, there was little opportunity for English language learners to practise speaking English, so Failte Isteach was established. It is very fulfilling for the volunteers who commit to taking an English conversation group each week for two hours. Yes, it is hard to commit to being available at the same time, same day, each week but our tutors do it, for the sake of the learners but also because they find it worthwhile. It takes energy but the buzz in the room convinces us that there is good exchange of cultures, customs, and language going on. Volunteers learn a lot from the learners so it is a two way process. Interacting with people from other countries enriches us all. Remember when having a pen pal was the opportunity to communicate with people from other countries? Monaghan Volunteer Centre has been helpful in recruiting volunteers for Failte Isteach in Monaghan, Carrickmacross, Clones, Castleblayney and the new group in Ballybay.

It is good to remember that many of our learners are themselves Volunteers, they register with the Volunteer centre and the staff there help to place them. Most Asylum Seekers are not allowed to work and it is wonderful for them to be able to contribute to society by volunteering. It also gives them another opportunity to speak English! Another example of volunteering as a two way process, gains on both sides.

Volunteers make a difference to the social fabric of the community. Think of all the volunteer groups in your community. Disability support groups, Befriending groups, Helping Hands, Arch Club, Festival organisers, stewards at sporting events, Hospice Homecare Group, Fund raisers, …..Why not get involved yourself! It will do you good to do good for others.

Sr. Anne Jordan, co-ordinator of Monaghan Town Failte Isteach


 MID Awards Night 2018 Volunteer Group winners Failte Isteach Monaghan tutors

Monaghan Town Failte Isteach Tutors won the Volunteer Group of the Year award at the Monaghan Integrated Development/Monaghan Volunteer Centre Awards, 2018. Anne Jordan is third from the left, holding the award. 



Glaslough Development Association "Park after Dark" Festival
As a small village community it is very important for Glaslough to raise valuable funds in order to keep our community centre and playground open and also to inspire community spirit and bring people together for a shared cause. On the 27th August this year we ran our second annual Park after Dark music festival (over a 1000 people came!). To do so we needed a small army of volunteers. Thanks to the work of Monaghan Volunteer Centre, helping us write out our advert and placing it on their site, we managed to secure quite a few extra much needed helping hands, without which we would not have been able to achieve our end result. Because when 89 volunteers ,10 committee members, 65 band members and various sponsors and suppliers all came together,( giving freely of their time and talents) the end result that we all achieved together from this generous volunteering spirit was a massive €15,000 raised for Glaslough community and development. So "Thank You Monaghan Volunteer Centre" and" Thank You Volunteers", together we achieve more! And hopefully we will do it all over again together next year at our 3rd Park after Dark in August 2017. Hope to see you all there!
Kind regards,
Mary Wood, Glaslough Development Association committee member.


Clones Community Forum
Clones Community Forum used the services of the Volunteer Centre in Monaghan for Garda Vetting their group members and the help and advice they received from the Centre on the new on-line facility was much appreciated.
Josephine McKenna

The Peace Link
The Peace Link is an iconic sports facility in Clones built by the community for the community and since we opened Monaghan Volunteer Centre have been processing our Garda vetting applications. We have 19 staff with six employees on community employment schemes that change annual and Monaghan Voluntary Centre have always be efficient and professional in their service. They provide an invaluable service for The Peace Link, so thank you to MVC for all your help.
Fergal Corrigan, General Manager.

Monaghan U3A
Monaghan U3A have used the services of Monaghan Volunteer Centre for a number of years now. Without the volunteers that we get through the Centre , our one to one computer classes for older people would not be as successful as they are. We have had a large number of very high quality volunteers help us out. In one case, a volunteer who helped us out a couple of years ago and who is now in full time employment, still offers support to one of her ex 80 year +'Students' when he has a problem with technology. The same volunteer continues to give the committee ongoing assistance with our website. We can always depend on the Volunteer Centre to deliver and we are very appreciative of their help.
Colette Keenan.

Castleblayney Trust for the Homeless, Needy & Unemployed
Castleblayney Trust for Homeless Needy & Unemployed has attended information sessions and training events organised by the Volunteer Centre, Monaghan. They have assisted us with Garda Clearance for staff. The Newsletters are a valuable resource to Community Organisations in Co Monaghan by keeping us up to date with new information.
Thanking you,
Noeline O'Neill