About Volunteer Ireland

volunteer ireland logo 1VOLUNTEER IRELAND is the national volunteer development agency and a support body for all local Volunteer Centres in Ireland.

Volunteer Ireland works to promote and celebrate volunteering in Ireland through campaigns such as National Volunteering Week and the Volunteer Ireland Awards. National volunteer involving organisations are supported by offering bespoke training, consultancy and an extensive range of online guides and resources. Volunteer Ireland also provides support to for-profit companies interested in volunteering and offers volunteer management services for large-scale events and festivals.

Volunteer Ireland develops and supports best practice in volunteering and Volunteer Centres, including the evaluation of Volunteer Centres according to a quality standard framework. Volunteer Ireland works collaboratively with the network of local Volunteer Centres in managing I-VOL (the national database of Irish volunteering opportunities and listings) and striving to achieve our shared objective of an Ireland where everyone who wants to, can volunteer.

About Volunteer Centres:

Monaghan Volunteer Centre is a member of Volunteer Ireland. Volunteer Ireland has 26 affiliate Volunteer Centres and Volunteer Information Services. For details of the network click here: VOLUNTEER CENTRE NETWORK

Volunteer Centres provide a placement service between individuals and groups who want to undertake voluntary activity and organisations that are seeking to involve volunteers. Their primary function is to match individuals and groups interested in volunteering with appropriate volunteering opportunities.  Centres offer advice and support to both volunteers and volunteer-involving organisations through a range of services that include information provision, consultation, training and Garda Vetting.

Volunteer Centres believe passionately in the value of volunteering and the benefits of volunteering for all: the individual, the volunteer-involving organisation and the wider society. They contribute to community development, active citizenship and social capital and are a vital component of any national volunteering infrastructure, providing local support at the same time as informing future initiatives and national policy.

In addition to placing volunteers, Volunteer Centres stimulate and encourage volunteering by promoting volunteering at local, regional and national events and in local, regional and national campaigns. They work towards breaking down the barriers to volunteering, targeting specific groups of people who are under- or unrepresented in volunteering. Volunteer Centres develop volunteering opportunities through consultation with local voluntary and community organisations. They recognise the potential of volunteering and encourage groups and organisations – be they private, statutory or voluntary and community – to think creatively about volunteering roles and to develop imaginative, non-traditional opportunities for potential volunteers.

The Irish government is committed to developing the volunteering infrastructure in Ireland, including through supporting local Volunteer Centres. This is outlined in Towards 2016 and the National Development Plan, 2007-2013.