About Monaghan Integrated Development

MIDLLogowithTextThere are 49 Local Development Companies in Ireland. These companies receive money from the Irish Government, the EU and other funders to deliver programmes that promote community enterprise, social inclusion and local development. Monaghan Integrated Development (MID) is the Local Development Company for county Monaghan. MID started life in 1996 as the County Monaghan Partnership and became Monaghan Integrated Development (MID) in 2008.

We deliver a range of programmes with the following broad objectives:

Objective Programme
Promote social inclusion SICAP
Facilitate access to education, training and lifelong learning LEADER / SICAP
Support enterprise development and employment creation LEADER / SICAP LES / Jobs Club Tús
Assist community groups in identifying needs and developing local solutions LEADER / SICAP MVC / Tús
Promote rural regeneration LEADER / RSS Tús


MID uses Community Development Principles to achieve our goals. We promote social inclusion, equality and diversity throughout all our programmes. Social exclusion in County Monaghan has many causes. Tackling one cause on its own is unlikely to solve the problem. Individuals or communities experiencing disadvantage or lack of opportunity usually need support on a broad range of issues like education, health, accommodation, core skills and employment.

For example, providing a training course for an unemployed person may not help if that person also has:

  • literacy or numeracy problems, or
  • if they live in a rural area and lack access to transport, or
  • if they are a lone parent with inadequate childcare, or
  • if they have no broadband or IT access and the training course is online.

Solving social inclusion problems requires the involvement of statutory agencies, public representatives, employers and social partners and the community & voluntary groups. This is why MID takes an integrated approach to its work. We know that it is only by working closely with a range of other agencies to implement agreed solutions that will lead to success.

How is MID Managed?

Monaghan Integrated Development is managed by a board of voluntary Directors. The MID Board of Directors consists of 23 voluntary members from four sectors i.e. Local Authority/Government; Community and Voluntary, Social Partners and Statutory Agencies. The board is responsible for policy making and overseeing the implementation of the annual programme of work. They are also responsible for the effective governance of the company, including financial and legal considerations.


There are currently 36 staff employed within Monaghan Integrated Development across a range of programme activities. Staff contact details can be found here. Company Status Monaghan Integrated Development is a Company Limited by Guarantee with Charitable Status. The Head Office is located at Monaghan Road, Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan.

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We are always interested in receiving your feedback and complaints.

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Equality & Diversity

Monaghan Integrated Development are committed to the promotion of Equality and Diversity in all our programmes and activities. If you wish to put yourself in the place of our frontline staff, then check out this short (about 50 minutes) online educational course http://www.ihrec.ie/deliveringequality and it will give you an insight into our understanding of Equality and Diversity.

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