July Newsletter

July Newsletter

Hello everyone and welcome to our July Newsletter.

Here is a selection of some of the roles listed on our website. More information is contained within each link.

Volunteer Roles

Blood Donorhttps://bit.ly/3r4fXHv

Kitty Match Makerhttps://bit.ly/3hvPDTI

CoderDojo Mentorhttps://bit.ly/2JBV1GN

DIY Instructor Onlinehttps://bit.ly/3r2uXpv

Ballybay Ladybirds Leaderhttps://bit.ly/3hxLQoI

Clones Girl Guides Leaderhttps://bit.ly/2TSG2xj

Tidy Towns Volunteers Emyvalehttps://bit.ly/3uGedFd

Counsellors with Sosad Monaghanhttps://bit.ly/3ecfiyz

Receptionist and Support Workerhttps://bit.ly/3ecbnC2

Axa Community Bike Ride Leaderhttps://bit.ly/3k9pNGL

Soccer Coach Blayney Academy FChttps://bit.ly/3yJdCEs

Volunteer Befriender for asylum seekerhttps://bit.ly/2VyM1Yx

MID Programme of the Month – Innovating Communities

Innovating Communities is a free training and mentoring project. One area of their work is looking closely at the challenge of finding ecoconscious and human centered solutions to promoting green and local sustainable practices in Co. Monaghan. Here is a short survey the team at Innovating Communities are asking you to complete relating to sustainability in Co. Monaghan.
For more information, please visit www.innovating.ie


The County Monaghan Volunteer Awards 2021 are launching on Wednesday the 15th July. The nomination form will be on our website and we will send an email to remind you about the nomination process. Keep an eye on our social media for the latest news on the awards. The awards are a lovely way to recognise the hard work of volunteers and bring some prize money into the groups coffers!

Tip of the Month – To zoom or not to zoom

Many groups are considering whether meetings should remain online or as government guidelines allow go back to in person. There isn’t going to be a solution that suits everyone. Why not survey members, find out preferences, consider alternating zoom v’s in person meetings or provide an in person and zoom option for attendance.

While many groups were initially forced to meet online we are hearing some positive feedback from volunteers regarding zoom meetings. Although the networking or social aspect of meetings may be lessened meetings can be more focused on agenda items and an efficient use of time and may serve a purpose for your group going forward.

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